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Testimonials From Federal Way, WA

Doctor Portrait - Pain Management in Federal Way, WA
In June 2004 I had an ulcerative colitis flare up that caused a great amount of discomfort, loss of weight, low energy, lack of appetite, and frequent bowel movements with blood and pus. The symptoms all together disturbed my daily activities and my spirit. None of the Western Medical approaches were helping me. I made an appointment with Dr. Qijian Ye for acupuncture and herbal therapy. He recommended weekly treatments and prescribed me a herbal formula to soothe my ailing digestive system. Within a few weeks recovery took place. His diagnosis and treatment has benefitted my lifeand my family. My health has been maintained through September 2005 by taking the herbal formula he prescribed and weekly acupuncture. My life style needs stamina as a professional tennis player and business owner and thanks to Dr. Ye I have the energy and stamina to maintain my life style. Thank you Dr. Ye for allthat you have done for me.

Womena in a Blue Dress - Acupuncture in Federal Way, WA
My name is Andrea and I am 30 years old. I have been struggling with hormonal imbalance and acne for about 10 years. I tried homeopathic medicine, herbal remedies as well as Western medical treatments for acne, including topical ointments and antibiotics. Acupuncture has been the only treatment that has been effective for my condition. Over the course of several months my acne has diminished and my hormonal imbalance has been corrected. In 1999 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Acupuncture has eliminated that problem so that no longer have the syndrome and my menstrual cycle is normal.
– Andrea

Man's Portrait - Acupuncture in Federal Way, WA
Here is a brief summary of my health issues and what Acu-Herb Clinic has done for me:

During a regular check up for my diabetes, I was informed that my blood pressure was high (180/100) and I would need to take a prescription medication to lower it. With my sister-in-law currently enrolled at Southwest Acupuncture College, I consulted her and she strongly suggested that I visit Dr. Ye.

During my first visit, I found out that the almost unbearable internal heat that I often felt, my high blood pressure, and my periodic headaches were all related. At that point, I began acupuncture treatment and herb supplements, and within an extremely short period of time, my blood pressure was consistently at 135/75,... Read more

Man Wearing Eyeglass Portrait - Acupuncture in Federal Way, WA
I have always had some unusual problems with my body, among them chronic constipation as well as severe
inflexibility and tightness. When I started going through a long and difficult relationship, new problems appeared
such as chest pains and an inability to exercise or exert myself without becoming pale, weak, dizzy, and risking
fainting. Despite the great amount I learned from an immediately ensuing severe depression in college, my
body became so tight that I developed painful chronic golfer's and tennis elbow in both arms, began to have
constant back pain, and stomach acid that lasted nine months. By this point I had gone to many doctors. The orthopedic surgeon, whose exercises and stretches offered no relief, suggested surgery as my ... Read more
– Dan

Women Wearing Eyeglass Portrait - Acupuncture in Federal Way, WA
I had a red rash that started on my chin. I went to my family doctor and he prescribed a steroid cream and told me that the rash looked like a mild case of rosacea. Being a nurse, I knew rosacea was a condition that was only managed, not cured. I was hesitant to use the cream because of the side effects. The cream helped for the first few days, then the rash got worse and spread to my cheeks. I went back to my family doctor and was prescribed both an oral and topical antibiotic. After a few days, I realized that I was allergic to both of the medications. I did research and found out that the mechanism in which the antibiotics work to treatrosecea is poorly understood, since rosecea is not a type of infection. I wasn't really happy about taking the antibiotics in the ... Read more

Mother Carrying Her Baby - Acupressure in Federal Way, WA
At 34 weeks pregnant I developed a horribly itchy rash on my thighs and lower abdomen. According to Western medicine I had a rash that less than 1% of pregnant women get in their last trimester. I was informed that it would disappear after the birth of my child and in the meantime could be managed (but not cured) with drugs which could potentially harm my baby. I experienced such great discomfort and was unable to sleep and so I turned to Dr Ye for help. After seeing Dr Ye who gave me some Chinese herbs and some important dietary advice, I felt a marked improvement within 24 hours! In 2 weeks 99% of my rash had disappeared!

Approximately six weeks after the birth of my child I developed extremely painful hemorrhoids. After 2 weeks of
trying over the counter products such as witch hazel pads, natural creams, homeopathic medicine, suppositories and herb poultices with no improvement, I went to see Dr Ye again. In a matter of 1 week, my hemorrhoids were almost gone! After experiencing such rapid healing with my rash and hemorrhoids, I will always have great admiration for Dr Ye and the incredible power of Chinese medicine to heal.
(I.G) and my son (Z.A)

Mature Blonde Women Portrait - Pain Management in Federal Way, WA
"At the age of 55, I was diagnosed with hypertension and was referred for a series of tests to determine the cause. I did not want to start taking prescription blood pressure medication and decided to try acupuncture and Chinese herbs. After just a few treatments, my blood pressure was stabilized and I noticed several improvements in my overall health."

Mature Women Wearing Eyeglass - Acupuncture in Federal Way, WA
On September 17, 2004 I went to Urgent Care thinking that the cold I caught had triggered an asthma attack.
After a chest x-ray and an EKG, I was sent to the emergency room by Ambulance. During the short ambulance ride I was given 2 doses of Nitro Glycerin and oxygen. After 10 hours, several more EKG's, a CAT scan and an Electro Cardiogram, I was admitted with congestive heart failure as a result of viral myocorditis. My heart's ejection fraction was down to 20% and the fluid build up in my chest and around my heart was preventing my heart from pumping; in short I was in danger of dying.

I was treated with diuretics, Alpha and Beta blockers, and other drugs to increase and improve heart function. Luckily my body responded to these treatments. But I was left with much depleted health and an undetermined future. My Cardiologist released me from the hospital with instructions that limited my physical ... Read more

Beautiful Teenager Smiling - Acupressure in Federal Way, WA
Four years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I went to various rheumatologists and they all had the same
thing to offer: a lot of pills and rest and to accept my condition as something I would just have to learn to live with. It was very hard to do basic daily activities and I needed the constant help of friends or family. After trying out different types of therapy, like massage and acupressure, I started going to acupuncture and seeing results, but not yet getting the results I wanted. It wasn't until two years ago when I began my treatments with Dr. Ye for acupuncture and herbs that I started seeing dramatic results that have since been permanent. It took some time and patience, but the results are unbelievable, even to my rheumatologist. Today I am very healthy, leading a completely normal life without taking any western pharmaceuticals.

I am 42 years old and went to Dr. Ye's office suffering from impotence and fatigue. After a period of treatment with acupuncture and herbs, I was restored to good function and my overall energy level has increased. I feel much better now. Thanks to Dr. Ye very much.

Man Portrait with Wood Background - Acupuncture in Federal Way, WA
Dear Prospective Patient,

My name is Nathan and my first visit to Dr. Ye's clinic was a little over a year ago in 2004. The reason I went to see Dr. Ye was get help with migraine headaches. I had been getting migraine headaches for ten years. Now that I was going to begin a new career, I did not want the headaches to interfere with my job. Before ... Read more

Old Man in a Park Portrait - Acupressure in Federal Way, WA
I sought help from Dr. Ye in October 2004 for problems with depression caused by stress. This is the second time that I have been treated by Dr. Ye. Because of the success the first time I was treated, I felt confident he could again help me.I found that my depression was leaving me in where I didn't care about anything. I had many sleepless nights, didn't feel like doing anything and often slept 3-4 hours longer than I normally ... Read more

Women Wearing Eyeglass in the Office - Acupuncture in Federal Way, WA
I had been suffering from headaches for as many years as I could remember. I had a headache almost everyday. As time went on, I not only had headaches almost everyday but I began having migraines that became more frequent and severe. My medical doctor's solution was Zoloft. Zoloft was not the long term solution I was looking for. I started going to Dr. Ye in August 2001 for the treatment of my headaches. Dr.Ye treated me with acupuncture and herbs for 1 ½ years with my last treatment being in March of 2002. It is now, over 2 ½ years later and I very seldom get a headache. Read more

Mother and Child Portrait - Acupuncture in Federal Way, WA
I started to work with Dr. Ye after trying unsuccessfully for two years to get pregnant. Western medicine had not worked and numerous medical doctors, including an infertility doctor, were not able to give my husband and myself a diagnosis of why we were having such a difficult time conceiving. After having four IUI’s, taking strong infertility medication that altered my hormones and made me very emotional, and spending ... Read more
S. M

Treatment received from Dr. Ye for hepatitis C has proved helpful. The numbers of virus that go along with the disease have consistently decreased over a two-year period. My energy has remained normal. This improvement required consistent adherence to the diet, medication, and treatment regime prescribed. Thanks to Dr. Ye!

Curly Haired Women's Portrait - Acupressure in Federal Way, WA
Thank you for all you have done for me. That is why it is a pleasure to send you this testimony.
– Karen

I was experiencing the symptoms of migraine, radical mood swings, and projectile vomiting every month with menses. The many medical doctors I had seen (with fancy health insurance) could find no way of helping me. I suffered with these symptoms about 3-5 days a month for several years in my 40s, and they were increasing in intensity. After an extreme bout, leaving me weak and drained, I found Dr. Ye. What a blessing! He immediately identified the problem and started treatments, after which time my symptoms never returned. I have continued the treatments with Dr. Ye and my hormones have
balanced beautifully and I have increased energy. It is wonderful to feel great and greet each day with joy. I am sailing through menopause. I am extremely grateful for the peace and renewed vigor that Dr. Ye has helped restore to my life.I started treatments with Dr. Ye over a year ago to address sinusitis, allergies and asthma problems I have had for many years. I have had acute bouts of asthma since I was 10 years old – occasionally resulting in hospitalization. These became more infrequent as I grew older, until in my mid-20s I required nothing more than an inhaler about 4 times a year. However, the frequency of allergic reactions and items to which I was allergic continued to grow. Traditional allergy desensitization therapy did not work. The damage from the allergies to my sinuses resulted in acute sinusitis and increasingly frequent antibiotic treatments starting in my 30s. At 35 I had sinus
surgery to remove scar tissue and improve drainage. Since that time I have been on a non-traditional allergy therapy called “neutralization” which brought most of my allergies under control. This also resulted in a reduction of the number of sinusitis attacks requiring antibiotics to only once a year. For 10 years, this was the status quo.

About 3 years ago I began getting colds more frequently, as well as saw an increase in allergic reactions and sinusitis requiring treatment and most disturbingly, an increase in asthma attacks. I was also getting more and more tired – my energy almost completed drained. By the time I went to Dr Ye, I was using the inhaler once a month and was up to 3 sinus infections a year. During the first 6 months, Dr. Ye worked to build my body's own defenses and strengthens my lungs. These months were up and down as he was battling a whole series of issues that were driving down my body's resistance to disease. For the next 6 months until now, I have had only one sinus infection – which resolved itself with help of herbs Dr Ye prescribed, I've needed my inhaler on only 2 occasions, and I haven't had a cold. The combination of acupuncture and oriental medicine therapy has worked wonders.
SL, Age 48, Albuquerque

Old's Man Portrait - Acupressure in Federal Way, WA
Dr. Ye, You started to treat me for my vertigo in Oct. of 2002. I hadthe problem from Feb. of 2002 and had been treated with a very good groupof MDs from the Lovelace group but they could not cure my problem. My primarycare MD Peter Wong suggested acupnucture after many tests at Lovelace. SinceOct. of 2002 I have not had any episodes of vertigo and of course you helpedmy shoulders as well so I now play tennis 2 to 3 times a week without pain.

Middle-aged Man's Portrait - Acupuncture in Federal Way, WA
I was diagnosed with hepatitis C two years ago. InitiallyThe viral load, enzyme levels and symptomatic fatigue were highly unfavorable. Thankfully, after receiving treatment from Dr.Ye, for close to 2 years, I have experienced consistent progress and now have my life back again.

Matured Blonde Women - Acupressure in Federal Way, WA
Age: 46 and Pregnant!

At 43 years of age I became pregnant and suffered a miscarriage. I had a hard time getting over this loss and tried, desperately, to get pregnant again but was not successful. Not long before turning 45, I decided to seek professional help at the Southwest Acupuncture College where I was referred to Dr. Qijian Ye. Dr. Ye had a positive attitude about my chances of conceiving, despite the fact that it's much harder for women in their forties to become pregnant. As part of my search, I also saw an infertility specialist, who is an M.D. He was not optimistic and told me that the odds of my conceiving naturally were one in a million. The infertility doctor recommended in-vitro fertilization, which he said that would give me a one in two hundred thousand chance of getting pregnant with my own egg. He suggested trying once with my own egg and then, if ... Read more

Psoriasis on Man's Arm - Pain Management in Federal Way, WA
Psoriasis on Man's Chest - Pain Management in Federal Way, WA
has suffered from psoriasis for over 30 years and he has tried all therapies, which did not work. Finally, he came in our clinic. After 6 month later, his affected area got much better. Please look the pictures on the left, you can see normal skin that appears into affected area. Before the treatment, his affected area was round on the chest and elbow area. Now his normal skin get invaded into affected area. Besides his skin appearance changed, his skin itching, irritation, cresting, thicking and burning got much better as well.

Left Hand Eczema - Pain Management in Federal Way, WA
Eczema on Man's Left Hand - Pain Management in Federal Way, WA
This patient has suffered from left hand eczema for 5 years. His hand had many bloody cracks because of eczema. His activities were totally limited.

After he tried acupuncture & Chinese herbs, he got remarkable progress. Please look the picture on the left before and after for the difference.

Chinese Man with Pimple Before - Pain Management in Federal Way, WA
Chinese Man with Pimple After - Pain Management in Federal Way, WA